Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lady Antebellum (need I say more)

For Valentines I tried to surprise Brant with tickets to Lady A, but being how noisy he went online to figure it out so it didn't up being a surprise. We sat on the floor on the 6th row and it was AMAZING!!! Thompson Square and Darius Rucker were there opening act and the were just as good.
I think she is so cute, and I love her singing!!
He gave her roses for Valentines Day!
Thompson Square was so so good.
Darius Rucker
He sang some of Hootie and the Blow Fish songs, they were so fun!!!
Now here is the beginning of the Lady A pictures...I think the pictures speak for themselves!! :)
They had Thompson Square and Darius come back out on the stage and they all sang a song together, that was awesome!!
Brant and I had a blast.

Monday, November 14, 2011

I Wonder Why?!?

I no longer wonder why I am always blog slacker, but its because time goes by so fast!!! Where did October go?!? Well first of for UEA in October we went up to the Red Canyon Lodge with some good friends of ours for a few days and that was the nicest thing we have done in awhile....Just to get away from it all I loved it!! Had an awesome game of Ultimate Frisbee with the Libbertons and Miles Kyler and Brant were on opposite teams and I think Kyler loved that so he could school his dad :) Kyler teaching Jaden "boobdum" how to fish. The gang we were with My little family outside our cabin. There was so much to do there. Hiking, fishing, riding bikes, paddle boats, and just relaxing and having fun. Jax was worn out from there hike On our bike ride we rode to this look out point and it was looking over Flaming Gorge. It was beautiful!! Looking over Flaming Gorge. We kind of broke the rules a little and went on this cliff right next to the fenced in look out area and we took our family picture here. After we left the Lodge we went a couple more miles to see Flaming Gorge Dam. We had a blast and think that it might be a tradition for us to go up there every year over UEA, it was perfect and the weather was amazing too.
Here is my family carving pumpkins a day before Halloween ;)
Kyler cleaning out his pumpkin
Ryzer loving every minute of this
Molly wasn't scared this year to put her hand in and get the "pumpkin guts" yeah on fear conquered! The finished projects and my silly kids. Ryzer as batman, Molly a candycorn witch, and Kyler as Luigi
A close up of Molly's hair...nope not a wig her hair ratted and sprayed black. (it was so easy to come out too thank goodness!!)
Molly and her Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Riser We went to a Utes game and it was a blast!!! When we first got there it was snowing just a little bit..... (I might be fat, but not that fat I had layers of clothes on) :) but by the time the team came out to warm up look at all the wet snow!!! Ryzer had a blast.....even though he would go from hot to cold he was so cute cheering for them too. Kyler in football heaven.....He loved every second of that game I think he only left once right before half time to use the bathroom other then that he was screaming and cheering just like the rest of the die hard fans in the stadium!!
We gave my dad a ticket for his birthday too, so him and Brant had a fun time visiting and watching the game together.
"Swoop" came up by us and gave my dad a back massage and messed with Brant's hat and took a good picture with us!! We all had a blast and it made it even better that they won too!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

yes... I am ALIVE!! Just busy

So I haven't updated for awhile cause we have been so busy this summertime. Thank goodness it is finally slowing down!!! I just cant remember where i left off..... so since my last post I am just going to jot down a few things and hopefully be better at staying updated from here on out. (yeah right)Brant got a new job!!!! We love it hev works for a company called Basin I&E and he has a great boss. I also quit my job at the clinic and now work for the Elementary that Ryzer and Molly go to and I love it I only work from 12:30-3:30 and Molly is in afternoon Kindergarten so I am there when she is there and I LOVE IT!!! I cant wait till I have the summertime off and the holidays off with my kids. YEAH for me!! Ryzer turned 7 and he wanted a swimming party so I rented the swimming pool and he had a party!!! What a spoiled boy :)
BIRTHDAY BOY having a blast!!!
Everyone swimming
Opening presents..His favorite gift was from his "cousin" Janae, silly string.....
Silly string+Ryzer=One very happy boy!!!
His Star Wars cake
Conner and Ryzer playing at the park hiding in a tube thingamagig.
We went to Upper Still Water and saw the dam spilling over. It was a warm day put with that water spraying on you and the wind blowing made it a little chilly.
I have to keep looking at this picture to know that my kids do love each other every once in awhile :)
Brant was teaching the kids how to skip rocks. Kyler and Ryzer caught on pretty fast but Molly just liked throwing the rocks and seeing how big she could make the splash.
Then it was UBIC time here in the basin
Kyler, first he played in a three on three basketball tournament......
I do believe he made a point shooting this one (dont quote me on it though it was too long ago)
He had a blast even though his team didnt win.
Second he did his first kid triathon....
Swimming two laps of the pool....
Riding his bike a mile.....
and running half a mile.
He did it all under 20 min and I was so proud of him. I asked Ryzer if he wanted to do it too and he told me no causes there is alot of running, a kid after my own heart. he makes us laugh all the time.
Molly danced her heart out......
Molly danced there and I must say she did the best job as a sheep.
She is so stinking cute when she performs with her perma grin.
Then we had FOOTBALL and I swear this never ends!!
Kyler sportin the helmet
Kyler playin quarterback, he is number 10.
Kyler is an all around sports kid......He is good at everything!!
This is just Ryzer pulling a Grandma Arko.
Little did he know I could still see his face through his hand haha
Molly's first day fo school, my baby is in Kindergarten!!!!
Molly sitting at her desk in class!
I WENT TO CHICAGO!!!! Me, my mom, and my sister went to visit Megan and Brent and we where there when she had baby Spencer. It was a blast!!!
Me and my mom on the plane. Me and Ben waiting on the other girls while they were shopping. Brent was on another bench waiting too. (Brent actually took this picture:)
The BEAN... it is a bean shape made out of mirrors. It was pretty fun and very entertaining!!
The whole gang by the Bean you can also see downtown Chicago in the bean. Me, Leila and Crista at the Millenion Park
Cub baseball stadium Down town Chicago
Chicago Temple. I'm sad the picture didnt turn out better but in the light it was beautiful!!
The hole reason we went out there was to be there when Spencer came and we were there luckily.....We tried everything to get Megan to go into labor and nothing, the little man was pretty comfortable where he was. So glad I got to meet him!
Of coarse we had to decorate for mommy and Spencer
Leila was so proud of our decorations and Ben could of cared less but he still insisted on being in the picture and I wouldnt have it any other way.
My new nephew Spencer Keith....I just love him!!
Thank Brent and Megan for a fun week we had out there. I miss you guys and the kids so much I want to come back SOON!!!!
I got home from Chicago on Kyler's birthday. You can see that they are all in their shirts I brought home for them.
So excited for Pizza Kits....that really wasnt it was Harry Potter legos and this kid was in heaven!!
There is my update. Hopefully I will be better since I am not working full time anymore, but dont hold your breath!!!