Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lady Antebellum (need I say more)

For Valentines I tried to surprise Brant with tickets to Lady A, but being how noisy he went online to figure it out so it didn't up being a surprise. We sat on the floor on the 6th row and it was AMAZING!!! Thompson Square and Darius Rucker were there opening act and the were just as good.
I think she is so cute, and I love her singing!!
He gave her roses for Valentines Day!
Thompson Square was so so good.
Darius Rucker
He sang some of Hootie and the Blow Fish songs, they were so fun!!!
Now here is the beginning of the Lady A pictures...I think the pictures speak for themselves!! :)
They had Thompson Square and Darius come back out on the stage and they all sang a song together, that was awesome!!
Brant and I had a blast.

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Justin and Janae said...

Her pink dress (mins us immodesty lol) is really cute!